Thursday, 6 December 2018

my art for 2018

this is my art that I made for the topic this year. I took some inspiration from my mothers art with the traditional patterns she has on it. also with the colours I thought I make the outside yellow a third lime the middle dark cyan and little bits of blue with the other patters.  I made this art to sort of mix colours with the patterns because making lime is blue with a lot of yellow and the dark cyan because more blue with lime makes dark cyan. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

the hobbit letter I think

To anyone who finds this 
I'm possibly dead on a quest to free our home from the dragon known as Smaug. To any of my cousins family I hate you for not coming with us you bastards. How are 12 dwarfs 1 hobbit who sucks at his job and a wizard who is hardly ever there supposed to take out a giant dragon. A very reliable family thanks guys. Anyway if we do make it go to the mountains you very unreliable family  

this is my thing it isn't in the novel or movie

Monday, 5 November 2018

40k art te wa toi

i'm just going to explain what I did and why I did it. I basically drew space marines against chaos since there easy to draw. (not really) but yeah so I drew the front marine shooting a chaos marine and a juggernaut breathing fire I think they can do that.  and 1 at the end being stabbed and died another marine in the back shooting more chaos. 

what we were suppose to do was to do ed stuff and make it realistic so yea 

satire writing about trump

this is a satire piece if you support trump i'm not making you go against him this is my opinion.   and if trump sees this don't destroy new Zealand or any other country bullying you 

Why Donald Trump being president is ridiculous!. There is a lot of reason Rumpet Trumpet being president
Theses points are
Banning violent video games from

1.  Trump banning violent  games from america.  Trumpet  Rumpet thinks that violent video games are the reason for school shootings. When really it's just the children just wanting to show off their guns.  Because Americans are allowed to have firearms and the children are taking the guns and showing off. (say this next bit a hillbilly accent) Now this here Donald trump thinks he can take my games and guns. Now I don't care if my child is pretending to be doom guy with my sawed off shotgun (doom reference) (seems a bit racist)  Yea sure Rumpet ban games from Old men, Adults, children even a baby. But you’ll take away beloved games from people like Just cause 4, Rainbow six siege and League of legends. Some games keep serial killers inside their house being distracted by the gore in games. And if Trump bans games from america RIOT.

2. Making a spin off of the great wall of china 
Apparently trumpet being the racist as*hole that he is. Is apparently  building  “The great Mexican American wall”  and making Mexicans pay for it. And it doesn't look good the majority of it is just wood PLAIN OLD WOOD. I mean if he's making people pay for a wall to separate two countries at least make it out of something that is hard and sturdy. Then again it might be a good thing that its made out of wood. Yea Rumpet Trumpet really is a good guy who uses america’s OWN money to make a big fat wall out of wood and nothing else.

Is the end

Thursday, 27 September 2018

me doing the kazotsky kick

there currently no video of me doing the kick so your going to have to make due with this. I felt nervous on stage still giving my speech n stuff like that. the other performance's  were better than me and andrew's performance. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

my move your body animation

this term we were looking at movement related activities (sorry if my voice seems a bit weird I was sick while recording this)

Monday, 17 September 2018

your the teacher the warhamer 40k universe

 in the 31st millennium  the emperor himself (the emperor is practically god) has had 20 children 2 remain unknown even before the hours heresy but the 18 primarcs are Hours Vulkan,  Rogel Dorn,  Ferrus Manus, Sanguinius, Corvus Corax and others  basically the emperor made his children lead a great crusade against all races (totally not racist) the emperor also grabbed his children DNA to make clones and they would be considered the primachs children and there are legions but i'm not getting into that. the chaos gods told Horus stuff which lead to the Horus heresy and the emperor had been mortally wounded ( EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE DAM EMPEROR) ]

but now in the 41st millennium the emperor is on his throne the legions are now chapters  and Horus is dead and most of the emperors children are either missing dead or turned to the forces of chaos. after the hours heresy the codex Astarte was made. The Codex Astartes is a great and sacred tome of military organisation, strategy and tactics written by Roboute Guilliman, the Primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion, to prevent another civil war like the Horus Heresy. the primarch vulkan was last seen fighting the beast but with his regenerative ability's like the emperors he will be alive but vulkan vanished without a trace but the salamanders believe that once they get all the artefacts of vulkan he will return. another primarch leman russ said that he will return to his wolfram breatheran before going into the warp. the rest though are just missing or dead. one of the earliest race's in this galactic fight is the tau empire recruiting the other species even allowing humans to join there empire. but the necrons are the eldest race in the universe still being even before humans were a thing a necron overlord in lore  A Necron Overlord is one of the greatest and most powerful leaders of the Necron race, and the ruler of many Tomb Worlds. More powerful than even a Necron Lord, at a Necron Overlord's command are uncountable legions of Necron Warriors, terrifying war machines, and a vast array of devastating weaponry.
. the eldar stopped the necrons that time. but now in the 41st millennium there getting back up because they cant die and there robots.  the rest of the races though are pretty weird also if you want to get to earth in this universe the imperial guard is the way to go. being normal human beings with some cybernetic's.   
that's all i going to say about this universe hope you enjoyed 

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