Monday, 17 September 2018

your the teacher the warhamer 40k universe

the emperor himself has had 20 children 2 remain unknown even before the hours heresy but the 18 primarcs are Hours Vulkan,  Rogel Dorn,  Ferrus Manus, Sanguinius, Corvus Corax and others  basically the emperor made his children lead a great crusade against all races (totally not racist) the emperor also grabbed his children DNA to make clones and they would be considered the primachs children and there are legions but i'm not getting into that. the chaos gods told Horus stuff which lead to the Horus heresy and the emperor had been mortally wounded ( EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE DAM EMPEROR) but now in the 41st millennium the emperor is on his throne the legions are now chapters  and Horus is dead and most of the emperors children are either missing dead or turned to the forces of chaos. after the hours heresy the codex Astarte was made. The Codex Astartes is a great and sacred tome of military organisation, strategy and tactics written by Roboute Guilliman, the Primarch of the Ultramarines Space Marine Legion, to prevent another civil war like the Horus Heresy. the primarch vulkan was last seen fighting the beast but with his regenerative ability's like the emperors he will be alive but vulkan vanished without a trace but the salamanders believe that once they get all the artefacts of vulkan he will return. another primarch leman russ said that he will return to his wolfram breatheran before going into the warp. the rest though are just missing or dead. one of the earliest race's in this galactic fight is the tau empire recruiting the other species even allowing humans to join there empire. but the necrons are the eldest race in the universe still being even before humans were a thing. the eldar stopped the necrons that time. but now in the 41st millennium there getting back up because they cant die and there robots.  the rest of the races though are pretty weird also if you want to get to earth in this universe the imperial guard is the way to go. being normal human beings I guess. 
that's all i going to say about this series hope you enjoyed 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

the three little pigs if the tale was really violent

NOTE our task was to rewrite a fairy tale also picture the wolfs voice like sindri myr's please it really adds some depth into the story. Its whats the videos for

( I really hope no child will read this)
My take on the story about the 3 little pigs
The characters are pork, ham,  bacon
 Once upon a time there were  The 3 little pigs named pork , ham and bacon approached their fathers dark chocolate house. As they approached they could hear a spine shivering howl coming from the house. As they hesitantly decided to open the door they could see a 8 foot tall direwolf  chomping on the headless bloody father pig corpse sitting on the blood stained couch. The pigs were horrified at the sight of there dead father.  bacon was really emotionally hurt  by watching his father get eaten and said “ WHAT THE HECK!” said shocked of the tragedy. The direwolf stopped it eating and looked at the three pigs. And said very happily “ooo just my lucky day three little piggies” as the wolf breathed in, the pigs were getting ready to run.  “at my doorstep” the pigs started to run as fast as they could. But the direwolf caught up to  bacon and grabbed him  bacon said “LET ME GO!” the dire wolf started to bring its victim back to the dark chocolate house and began eating  bacon alive. bacon shrieked “AGH HELP ME!” one last bite from the dire wolf killed bacon (rip bacon) the direwolf said “ NO ONE CAN STAND AGAINST ME!” the dire wolf started to howl. Pork and ham were seperated but they could still hear the howl.

Pork somehow found lots of steel enough to build a house. ham wasn't so lucky he just found a lot of sticks enough to build a little hut. There was a hunter watching all of that at a safe distance. The hunter said “why is there a dark chocolate house? The direwolf was right behind him
The direwolf said “ well, well, well, look what I have here”
The hunter brought his rusty old rifle and started to run. The hunter said “ WHY THE HECK IS THERE A TALKING WOLF!” ( because its a fairy tale)
The dire said “ it's just my lucky day 3 pigs and now a hunter what's next I wonder” the direwolf gave chase.   meanwhile ham finished his house because it didn't take long with the resources he had It even provided warmth. Pork though was still in the middle of building his house.  The hunter was still running the hunter was preparing his rifle. Once the rifle was ready the hunter opened fire. It did hit the wolf but it had no effect. The hunter pulled out his sharp knife And stabbed the direwolf. But it had little to no effect on the direwolf. The direwolf said “well it seems like it's  time for a little snack” a loud shriek of terror echoed into the forest. But then it immediately stopped followed by loud sounds of eating.

The pigs were done with there little buildings ham made a little hut and pork made a really beautiful house. The direwolf saw the little hut containing porkchop. The direwolf approached the little hut saying “ what is this?” the direwolf Pondered. The direwolf destroyed the little hut. Ham said “PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!” the direwolf grabbed ham and started to eat ham. Pork could hear the shriek of terror but did nothing. The dire wolf said “hmm I wonder what that is?” pork could see the wolf coming and decided to give up on life. The direwolf approached the house and could see pork. The direwolf said “giving up so soon?”
Pork said “yes… yes I am”
The direwolf said “I thought this would of been fun but I guess not”  the direwolf went to pork and grabbed him and started to eat him.

The end ( I know my version of the story doesn't have a happy ending but I sort of like it)

(The story/fable was about putting dedication into your work because it pays off in the end)

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

how the blob fish became so ugly

we were writing about pourchoi tales

Long ago in a ocean far far away. There was the Blob fish it was so beautiful.  That all the fish that the Blob fish mocked were going to get there revenge.

The blob fish was swimming around being so proud of its own looks. “ ha i’m so good looking “
“Really” said a whale shark
“ yes i'm just more better than you in every single way” said the blob fish
the whale shark sighed
“ just go away” said the whale shark
“ WHO ARE YOU TO ORDER ME AROUND!” said the Blob fish The whale shark just left “ YEAH YOU BETTER GET AWAY FROM MY PRESENCE!” said the blob fish

The blob fish kept going on talking about how it was SO much better than any other fish. When all of a sudden a spine shivering angler fish with sharp razor teeth but without any light attached to itself said “WHO'S THERE”
The blob fish said “someone more good looking!”
The angler fish said  “WELL I'M GOING EAT YOU”
The blob fish said “I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!”
The angular fish went in full speed at 35.9 miles per hour. The blob fish simply moved to the left and the angular fish missed and hit a giant scared seal
The angler fish said “ugh trying to eat that annoying blob fish”
The angler fish said “oh cra-” Is the angler fish’s last words. (may the angler fish rest in peace)
The blob fish said “thank you for your service PEASANT!”
The seal simply said “eh i'm too full to eat you” The blob fish kept mocking him. The seal was became to frustrated with the amount of mocking that came from the blob fish. that it started to give signs of aggression. The blob fish stopped its mocking knowing to leave that part of the ocean.

The blob fish went to a part of the ocean he never been to. There was no sign of life. No crabs, no angler fish, no dragon fish, not a single thing just sand and rocks. But all of a sudden the same giant whale shark same from the deep dark depths of the water. The blob fish asked “well look who it is”
The whale shark said “oh no why did I come here”
The blob fish said “ OK you oversized brute why isn't there anyone here?”
The whale shark said “this is an isolated place that's why no one is here”
once the blob fish got its answer is continued its taunting
The blob fish said “not even and oversized person like yourself could outmatch my good looks.”
All of a sudden a seal spat out the angler fish and the whale shark said “let's get payback” the seal, angler fish and whale shark started to chomp on the blob fish without killing it. The blob fish’s face became gooey and pasty and it couldn't move. Once the animals finally got their revenge the blob fish was left sobbing. Once a few animals past by they mocked the blob fish making it sob even more. Once more animals started chomping on it again without killing it. The blob fish developed a acidic like coat so it wouldn't be chomped on again. That's why the blob fish is ugly


Tuesday, 21 August 2018

exercise lyrics

our objective was to take the lyrics of a popular song and change it up a bit to relate to psychical activity

Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze
Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong


Almost home yea, sweet home 

Oranges to, get healthy 

Been running  for so long, longer than the trees

Shorter than the mountains ,Breathing like a breeze

Country roads, guide me home 

To the place, I love 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Physical exercise

Physical activity doesn't just help you get buff or lose weight it helps you improve your verbal memory. Like in the title “Do physical THINGS thats gets your blood and sweat glands pumping ”. Like running, jumping or a morning jog

If you get up in the morning and have a morning jog it helps your verbal memory I know I already addressed that but it's actually really important.  Because the hippocampus the part that protects memory and thinking those are really important because we use them daily. and if we don't exercise we barely have a any memory or thinking skills

If you don't exercise you not only not improve your verbal memory you also have a higher chance of getting a heart disease,stroke and diabetes these are really bad so don't just exercise to improve your verbal memory do it to avoid these infections 

Anaerobic exercise helps you with getting buff and losing weight but aerobic exercise that's the thing that really helps. It helps with verbal memory and diseases

Now the obvious thing that people think is whenever you exercise it gets you buff and helps you lose weight that's anaerobic exercise. but  the exercise that really helps you is aerobic exercise it really doesn't just do that. It helps with verbal memory and helps us avoid diseases

Thursday, 14 June 2018

spy fox episode 2

When Agent fox ignored a call from the agency the earth was immediately in danger by A Wasp known as Waspinator ( I know i'm stealing I mean using the name Waspinator from transformers beast wars :) ) by using poisonous gases that kill everything except for planets and all types wasp’s. His minions were transforming wasp that could turn into a humanoid wasp and back into a wasp. Waspinator said “Waspinator will finally have planet for Waspinator”

While Waspinator was making the poison Agent Fox was on the couch watching TV As soon as Agent Fox had Another call to action. as soon as he pressed the button on his watch he got a ring from the doorbell. He opened the door to find a package what he found inside were 10 e.m.p grenades made to stop electrical machines from working and an anti-poison gun that destroys poison. Agent fox Quickly dashed to his  that can somehow fly. All the way to Ireland the flight took about 24 hours to get there.

When Agent fox got to Ireland he silently dashed towards a hive like building about  feet tall Agent fox sighed and said “well this is ,unbeelevable” (bad pun I know ok) he used a grappling hook to find his way all the up a drone quickly said “ALERT ALERT FIRE AT UNKNOWN TARGET” Agent fox quickly surveyed the area to find a vent. Then when he had his eyes on a vent he quickly dashed thru it.

He found a laboratory full of security dones. Agent fox swiftly used an emp grenade at a group of security drones. a security drone the drone said “oh no” the security dones shut down and an alarm sounds agent fox says “well I better hurry!.”
Waspinator said “go get that stupid fox he's going to ruin plan for Waspinator!”  as waspinator dashed to finish the poison Agent fox was throwing a handful of the emp grenades at hordes of drones. Agent fox said “ahh this must be where all the beesiness  is” Agent fox said “well here’s the poison in this giant bottle” waspinator came in the laboratory Waspinator said ooh you found Waspinator poison but can you destroy it?
“well ya” Agent fox said as he fired a few shots at the poison with the anti poison gun.
Waspinator said “NOOO YOU RUINED PLAN FOR WASPINATOR!” Waspinator went to Agent fox’s face a stinged him repeatedly. Agent fox said “please stop this is really annoying”
Then Agent fox grabbed waspinator and squished waspinator. The drones were on self destruct mode
Agent fox Said “well time to get out of here!” when agent fox raced outside the building with explosions happening all around him. Just as he escaped a drone grabbed his leg but agent fox kicked it off before it blew up. Agent fox was congratulated for his mission

The end