Thursday, 14 June 2018

spy fox episode 2

When Agent fox ignored a call from the agency the earth was immediately in danger by A Wasp known as Waspinator ( I know i'm stealing I mean using the name Waspinator from transformers beast wars :) ) by using poisonous gases that kill everything except for planets and all types wasp’s. His minions were transforming wasp that could turn into a humanoid wasp and back into a wasp. Waspinator said “Waspinator will finally have planet for Waspinator”

While Waspinator was making the poison Agent Fox was on the couch watching TV As soon as Agent Fox had Another call to action. as soon as he pressed the button on his watch he got a ring from the doorbell. He opened the door to find a package what he found inside were 10 e.m.p grenades made to stop electrical machines from working and an anti-poison gun that destroys poison. Agent fox Quickly dashed to his  that can somehow fly. All the way to Ireland the flight took about 24 hours to get there.

When Agent fox got to Ireland he silently dashed towards a hive like building about  feet tall Agent fox sighed and said “well this is ,unbeelevable” (bad pun I know ok) he used a grappling hook to find his way all the up a drone quickly said “ALERT ALERT FIRE AT UNKNOWN TARGET” Agent fox quickly surveyed the area to find a vent. Then when he had his eyes on a vent he quickly dashed thru it.

He found a laboratory full of security dones. Agent fox swiftly used an emp grenade at a group of security drones. a security drone the drone said “oh no” the security dones shut down and an alarm sounds agent fox says “well I better hurry!.”
Waspinator said “go get that stupid fox he's going to ruin plan for Waspinator!”  as waspinator dashed to finish the poison Agent fox was throwing a handful of the emp grenades at hordes of drones. Agent fox said “ahh this must be where all the beesiness  is” Agent fox said “well here’s the poison in this giant bottle” waspinator came in the laboratory Waspinator said ooh you found Waspinator poison but can you destroy it?
“well ya” Agent fox said as he fired a few shots at the poison with the anti poison gun.
Waspinator said “NOOO YOU RUINED PLAN FOR WASPINATOR!” Waspinator went to Agent fox’s face a stinged him repeatedly. Agent fox said “please stop this is really annoying”
Then Agent fox grabbed waspinator and squished waspinator. The drones were on self destruct mode
Agent fox Said “well time to get out of here!” when agent fox raced outside the building with explosions happening all around him. Just as he escaped a drone grabbed his leg but agent fox kicked it off before it blew up. Agent fox was congratulated for his mission

The end

Thursday, 7 June 2018

recount of camp

Have you ever wondered “oh what happened at year 8 leadership camp at night?” well let me tell you about what happened in the 1st night.

                                                 THE FIRST NIGHT
It was a nice normal day at camp full of fun activities until night hit. I really wasn't what I was looking forward too because I feel homesick at night whenever i’m at a camp. But before we went to bed we filled our drink bottles and went into our cabines. Before I went into bed I had one last drink. I went into my sleeping bag before as I was shutting my eyes Mr Wiseman said “10 minutes before lights out!” just as soon as mr Wiseman closed the door everyone except for me all started talking away. Mr Wiseman went straight to our cabin and turned off the lights. There was silence that hit the room (for like ten seconds) Hone tried to start a scary story but we all refused. Then Mr Wiseman said  “shut it and go to sleep”  mostly everyone tried to hold in laughter (except for me again) Mr Wiseman said “so you think it's funny now wait till you get to the bottom bunk!” (not his exact words)

Again and again Mr Wiseman kept on opening and shutting the door. And when we thought it was over jonathan said “is he gone?” troy peeked through the window and tried to look for mr Wiseman then like the grim reaper Mr Wiseman came and said” you you you out here now!”. He pointed at Hone, Jonathon , Troy  and Germaine. As soon as they left it was really quiet I was actually quite happy. (for 20 seconds) I was really annoyed when they came back because they were always talking.

We all asked “What happened?” all They said about it “oh we just had a run”  it felt like hours had gone by and the “bottom bunk” joke has never ended. For example one of them would say “you think memes are bad wait till you get to the bottom bunk.” But this wasn't isn’t joke walter asked “Ben wheres my watch at?”
and I quickly replied remembering where walter was putting “on the bottom bunk”  everyone started to burst with laughter. All I said was “guys it’s not that funny”

A few hours I think everyone is still awake and talking away and still making bottom bunk jokes. By the time morning came I was already tired and Mr Jacobson BURST thru the door and said “GET UP EVERYONE COME ON!” (sort of like that vine with the bird from sesame street broke that door) it took a bit to get up and trying to back our bags but as the bugle kept on going. we finally went outside to see everyone sitting up in our table lines to have get some breakfast and points. (Well i'm pretty sure you can tell that I wasn't like the people in my cabin and quiet most of the time even going into the cabin when everyone else was at the gym during free time)

Friday, 18 May 2018

our experiments

our experiment is testing Issac newtons first law of motion "objects at rest stay at rest" and "objects in motion stay in motion" the experiment only needed a coin , cardboard, a metal knuckle bone and a cup. Its simple all you need to do is pull the cardboard as fast as you can in one motion. Then the coin will stay in the air for a bit then fall into the cup because of gravity. I rate this experiment a 8/10

Thursday, 12 April 2018

20 sentence story about the transformers

In 1984 there was a show made that day that many people liked and now not really. It was the transformers that aired in 1984.

The transformers had a story about the nobel optimus prime and the evil megatron. The show had A LOT of animation errors and when I say a lot I mean a lot like watch the show trust me. But when the transformers the movie came it just wrecked havoc on the original cast in order to make room for the new toys I mean new characters. Kids who were watching the movie were terrified at the fact there favourite characters were being destroyed in front of their eyes parents had to rush their children out of the cinema because they were crying a lot. After the movie the show came in with session 3 I think Parents gave the series a chance to watch it and that's why I think it had a good rating. Before session 3 ended they introduced the headmaster's concept to people before the show ended. Later on Hasbro came up with the idea with generation 2 and it was horrible people didn't even watch it. But then transformers beast wars came and it was 1,000% better but first people said trukk not munky (trust me it was really bad) but later the show redeemed itself with what kids love VIOLENCE. But they actually had a reason for them to come back they had CR chambers that transformers could use if there were injured. but if they were dying then the CR chamber couldn't save them. its a really good show I recommend it. but the japan did there beast and it was 1,000 times worst they did 2d animation and focused on comedy instead of action. optimus primal did show up once though. but before beast wars there was transformers victory. optimus wasn't in charge it was starsaber. he was 1,000 times better than optimus. he turned into a jet and he had an adopted son. in the english dub its almost as funny as the headmasters.

Friday, 6 April 2018

holes activity 2

this is the second activity i'm sorry about the last slide could int finish

holes activity 1

this is the activity about the book holes you can watch the movie or read the book