Tuesday, 21 June 2016

superhero on a mission

One day at Point England, there was a boy who had a rich dad and he was rich. He was secretly a super hero called Iron Patriot. The boy was a really big fan of Iron man and really liked  technology. The boy also knew a lot of things like how to make a robot,-a robot suit that can shoot laser beams and fly with rockets boots and has cool paint on it. The colour of the armour that he made is red, blue and white. It was very cool.

Iron patriot has a nemises called ant man because he shronk into his  suit and destroyed it he was so furious at ant man that he wanted him dead and he would pay 25,000$ for his dead body mercanerys came and hunted him. They searched for weeks for him and a mercenary  found him and and cout him in a trap. and gave him to iron patriot and payed  the 25,000$ and got ant man in a trap but he didn't know he was a hero he thorght he was a villan like the rest he put him in a jail that is unbreakable.  

When the villans broke in ant man wanted to get out but the gurads were robots an made out of vibrainim so it was unbreakable like the prison he couldint even shrink through it. But the villans brought other tech so the vibranim could turn into steel. So the real villans turned the vibrainim to steel and broke in and freed the villans exsept ant man all the villans attacked him and found his identity and found out his real name his first name was scott but they couldint find out his last name. Then iron patriot woke up but was it a dream? Nope it wasent

They really did break into the prison and took ant man and the other prisoners but they left a clue it was from joker but iron patriot had an intire army of iron men suits to track them. Also black panther helped him find them and iron man they tracked them into the forest and they heard some sounds. It was screaming they thorght it was ant man they thorght but it was a radio there was anther clue it said meet us at new zealand wellington in the forest .

They meet up at new zealand at wellington at night they saw ant man and whip marks on him he said “is a trap run” ant man said  but iron patriot wouldint lison he freed him and then a big exspolshion happened ka-boom! The exspolsion shooked the rest and but black panther went in and saw iron patriot and ant man there in a coma

after 5 years later the world had changed it was in chaos it run by villains all the prisons in the world were destroyed then he noticed that no hero's where trying to fight them he wondered “what happened to them”  said iron patriot he said where is my armour iron man replied in my cave” iron patriot was asking “why isn't there any heros left”? Iron man said while you where in that coma the villans took over the world. “All the heros died there are only me , black panther, visoin thor hulk war macine black widow and you the rest are away sadly” said iron man iron patriot asked how did the villans kill all the other heros.

“Ultron made a super weapon that killed all the heros but he used it on you we thourght you were dead” replied iron man “what”!? Said iron patriot “well we should attack them” said iron patriot  your right said iron man” lets take back the world ” said iron man after 1 mouth they took back the world from the villans and everything was back to normal.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

make up magic


WALT: identify where speech marks go in our writing 

 Phillip asked" Mom are we going to the movies today" it was the holidays after all. "First you need to tidy your room and help put the dishes away and then we can go" replied mom. Phillip  worked like crazy getting his room clean and helped mom with the dishes. This going to be the best day ever! excalmed  phillip he was bursting with excitement.

I think  my score out of 10 is 8