Tuesday, 13 December 2016

diamantae poem

Walt: write diamante around a theme
we have been learning about a diamante poem and this is my poem

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Camp Benton

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island
On the the first day of camp we had to go to school before 7:30am. I came past 6:30 it was very cold and very dark I came with my mom to say goodbye to her because I was homesick after that.  

When we got our bags ready we were on our way to the ferry to get to Kawau island. It took an hour to get to Sandspit where the ferry was and then it took another 45 minutes to get to Kawau island. While we were on the fariy we saw a orca.

When we arrived  we had to unload the ferry and we were greeted by Peter and Erin. After that we had a little free time also that we went for a hike.The hike was long but it was worth it to have fun but still very tiring. The hike took all day when we got back we got a little free time again.

My favorite activity was bivouacs. We had to build a hut made out of sticks. The test was to make sure that water didn't leak through the hut when poured in.  Me and my friend David tried our best to build but water got through. It was my favorite because I wanted to build a house made out of sticks since I was five it was an amazing and fun experience.

On the second day of camp we were awoken  by a horn it was very loud and annoying. We all had to change quickly and we went on another hike again . It was long ,stressful and very very tiring it was annoying and we had to do it everyday! Luckily my friends helped me along the way. And I had a walking stick but it was really slippery and still raining.

After the hike we had little free time over and over again and we had breakfast then we went straight to our activities. After that we had hot dogs and one of us made the ducks fight.

On the very last day we woke up went for the hike again. Then after breakfast we headed off to our last activities. After that we had to pack all our stuff and cleaned our cabins. We said goodbye  to Peter and Arin and boarded the ferry with all our stuff. On our way back on bus I think everyone fell asleep. I kept on waking up and falling asleep when I woke up the last time we were back at school I got my bag and went home.