Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Extension writing

When grimlock and his team destroyed the decepticons at kon. the decepticons. And megatron went to grimlock and they had a fight and grimlock won. And kon was destroyed. there was dust. and rubel And there are 1,000,000 decepticons. but they are weak. there are 1,000,000, autobots. And optimus prime is more stronger than megatron. And when the autobots and decepticons had to go because the core of cybertron was going to blow up. And the autobots and decepticons had to go to another world. for one million years. And shockwave maed a miching that you can go to another world in space. And he made inscdacons and megatron and optimus prime went to unknown planet. And it was fueled with rural energy. and shockwave is a sicintent he is so smart. And grimlock can transform into a dinosaur t rex. And there is swoop he can Transform into a flying dinosaur. And slug can Transform into a horn dinosaur. And megatron was rebuilt into a new body that is 9 times Strong now. by ben