Tuesday, 28 July 2015

my whakapapa

about me update

Hi my name is Ben and this is my Blog where I show you my work and my drawing my teachers are Mr Baxindine and Mrs Jacobson. Room 9 and 10 also my favourite movie is transformers 4 plus my teachers are the best. also you get to see my animations I love learning and my favourite subject is maths.      

Thursday, 23 July 2015

term 3 holiday writing

In the best! and awesome holiday I had fun with my Dad and my mom.

And my Dad played minecraft with mods. Also we watch the minions movie. Also I was greedy for the popcorn and for the popcorn and I had a tiny green bottle with my drink. Then we went home then played minecraft and I killed my dad kinda selfish.

Then we tried more games like ARK survival evolved and it's a dinosaur game that you have to survive. Then I played minecraft and blow up the world and it was fun blowing up the world. Then me and my dad built a castle in minecraft and blow up the villagers.

Also I played marvel heroes 2015  it was fun because I was beating up the bad guys as hulk. and was the beast in the game I was beating all the npc and two boss            
also I had played overlord II it was the best game! that i played

Monday, 20 July 2015