Friday, 29 July 2016

Olympic history

Do you know about the ancient olympic games?
The ancient olympic games began in 776 BC in Olympia. There was one  event the 200 yard dash. Only men could compete.the games were a religious festival.

In 391 AD Rome invaded Greece. Two years later the olympic games were abolished.

In 1896 a french man re built the Modern Olympic games. Four years later in 1900, women were allowed to compete in the olympic games. In 1936 was the first time the olympic games were on television The games became a world--wide event. A French men formed a committee the International Olympic committee  or IOC for short it was made to protect the Olympics.

 The games this year are being held in rio Brazil 2016 and I think usain bolt is going to win the most gold medals for running. Also I think NZs gonna win the most gold medals and jemacia       

Thursday, 7 July 2016

division with remainders

bok choy

real life hero writing

A hero is a person who protects and defends others. Fire fighters police officers, nurses and doctors they are all.Are everyday real life super hero a hero is really helpful and they always help people when they need it.

My everyday real superhero is a policer officer who respects other people and cares for them too. Police officer protect people and try to keep them safe and stops drunk drivers and people doing bad things . Also officers are really helpful people and help solve other people’s problems.      

Why my heroes are police officers is because they are very important people in the community. sometimes they have guns and batons just in case of an armed robbery or gun shooters. Police officers risks their own lives for others.