Tuesday, 21 April 2015

my hoilday

Guess what when I went to my dads house me and my dad went to the ender portal and killed the enderdragon. Then when I went to my moms I played with my toys and
watch movie. I watch thunder birds are go Also I had fun in my entire life. It was fun.   

and cool also amazing. and I miss school the most and my teacher mr Baxendine. Also I miss my friends as well and I love learning and playing  it is fun! and cool at the same time.”

Then  I went to my  aunt's birthday and I watch transformers 4 and it is awesome and cool at the same time and I like the bit at the end when they fight. “ Then I went to my dads house and played roblox.                               

                                                       the end

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ben's Omaru Creek Animation

My animation is about Omaru creek. It is dirty and we need to clean it by stop putting rubbish. hope you enjoy by Ben