Thursday, 6 December 2018

my art for 2018

this is my art that I made for the topic this year. I took some inspiration from my mothers art with the traditional patterns she has on it. also with the colours I thought I make the outside yellow a third lime the middle dark cyan and little bits of blue with the other patters.  I made this art to sort of mix colours with the patterns because making lime is blue with a lot of yellow and the dark cyan because more blue with lime makes dark cyan. 


  1. nice work ben keep up your great artwork

  2. Hi Ben,

    It’s Leslie here, writing to you from Canada where it’s very cold and snowy. Hard for you to imagine, I’m sure! I’m a member of the Summer Learning Journey team and I notice that you've done some special artwork. You're quite creative!

    I think you might really enjoy doing some of the activities in the Summer Learning Journey program because many of them give you a chance to use your creativity. There's also lots of information about animals and plants that are unique to New Zealand, and those that are unique to other countries around the world. And there are ideas as to how we can live more carefully on our planet. Really interesting!

    You can share your blog with your friends and class-mates who are also participating in the program and stay connected all summer. Fun!

    There are still 3 full weeks left to participate in the Summer Learning Journey program called “The World Around Us”. Here’s the website address: I hope you’ll take a look and try some of the activities. I’ll look for your postings and write back to you from Canada.

    Meanwhile, have a really happy summer holiday!!