Thursday, 27 November 2014

a skater story.

when a skater was  with cool tricks that his Stearn concentration causes the skaters to frown. when  His shifts his weight allowing for the board to rotate in mid air. and His body is silhouetted against the soft pink dusk sky. then A heat haze covers the city in a steamy blanket turning the hills to a pastel mauve.

Shakespare doc.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

pig story

The farm  was down a long, muddy track,  far away from the main highway. Mr Duthie was tired as he packed, bales of hay that rested in a neat array. The water tanks stood to attention like three rotund guards. Ben, the pig, rolled down the hills and got caught in the long, shadows of the late afternoon sun. The old barn was home, and it was comforting, cosy and always busy with its inhabitants. It was not often that the farm was quiet.

He went to the beach and found a boat he went to in on the boat furthermore.
when a chief came to chop him up then he was trying to swim with worried concentration made the pig frown in earnest. when his hooves tried to tread the water but he nearly drowned  but he hardly could  stay afloat. When he was near the water then  turquoise water lapped at his snout Then the chief nearlee got  then a panic was setting in as appeared unable. But the pig epace the water.

                                               The end.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

t was clear from her stare that she knew exactly what I had done. I saw the deep channels of time etched into a wizened surface. She had keen eyes, alight with mischievous youth. When she was eating her cracking lips that were furling around gums where teeth once stood. There was rich indigo velvet folded carefully to frame her face. `

Monday, 13 October 2014


                                                             more maths.


                                                              this is my maths

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

my superhero

my superhero is strong and powerful and cool.
and he stop robbers and he stops super villons.
and he has the power of water and fire and it so
amazing and awesome and it so cool. and he can

unlock powers like lava and  ice. and rock and air.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Extension writing

When grimlock and his team destroyed the decepticons at kon. the decepticons. And megatron went to grimlock and they had a fight and grimlock won. And kon was destroyed. there was dust. and rubel And there are 1,000,000 decepticons. but they are weak. there are 1,000,000, autobots. And optimus prime is more stronger than megatron. And when the autobots and decepticons had to go because the core of cybertron was going to blow up. And the autobots and decepticons had to go to another world. for one million years. And shockwave maed a miching that you can go to another world in space. And he made inscdacons and megatron and optimus prime went to unknown planet. And it was fueled with rural energy. and shockwave is a sicintent he is so smart. And grimlock can transform into a dinosaur t rex. And there is swoop he can Transform into a flying dinosaur. And slug can Transform into a horn dinosaur. And megatron was rebuilt into a new body that is 9 times Strong now. by ben

Thursday, 5 June 2014

paper penguins

Here is words I know now, after reading paper penguins diagram and centimetres.

Diagram a kind of picture that expIains something.
Diagraper ms helped me make a paper penguins
A measure for length 100 centimetres make a metre.
My hand is 15 centimetres wide

Thursday, 8 May 2014

my holidays at my dads house

During the school  holidays I had a lot of fun because I went to my dads house. It was great hanging out with my dad. I played minecraft. My dads map is cool because he built  a crusher and a chicken factory and a big tower. And we were on creative mode.  He has mines and cool stuff. He could make a zombie with a villager face into a villager you could trade with them.  My favorite part is when I get to go to the Never and to see the lava go down, and to see pig zombies .  

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

the thing that i now and think

Term 1 2014 Chromebook Reflection

What did I enjoy?
maths whizz learning on my chromebook  learning games camra the blacknes
Things I didn’t enjoy?
no internet bad staff  no working chromebook bad comets no maths whizz  
What did I learn?
maths reading writing maths whizz dung beetles xtramaths
What did I find most interesting?
maths animals dung beetles
How I feel about my term overall?
ok and vury good cool  
What could I have done better to help my learning?
listening paying attention saying fokiss    

Thursday, 10 April 2014

fia fia

Fiafia was fun  we danced and it was so fun I was in middle hip hop it was so cool and I was with my old teacher more than 3000 people came to watch the Fiafia there was a lots of food to eat

Monday, 24 March 2014

purple cake day

Purple Cake Day is in Haiti it is a poor Country Class 13 celebrated it. It was fun .There was cup cakes and jelly and Dairy Milk Chocolate and Chips.