Wednesday, 27 September 2017

fishing group writing

hi there everyone today i'm going to be talking about a little trip that the entire school did. today there was a group of children with two teachers Mr Vogt and Tyson. before we got to the fishing group we had a little assembly to explain which direction to go. Also he told the juniors to go first second middle thirdly the seniors and he also told us not to touch anything. As each class pass I was getting little bit existed and to past the time I was play fighting with my friend tanni  we called it cringe battle
. finally our class was up but we had to stop because we did not have a second line on our way my friend lanzie was hiding at the back off me because there were some people filming this event. As we kept going the sun kept blasting my eyes but we were almost there we were crossing a muddy path way towards the fishing group we we got to the reserve  I was squashed because room 4 crushed me and my friend's. when everybody was at there spot  we sang 3 songs and the rest sang as we were exiting the reserve. we went the same way again when we entered  the senior block we were told to get to our reading class

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

multiplication pyramid

this is a multiplication pyramid its like at the bottom you times each number then do it again then again then again then again