Friday, 26 May 2017

3 days without year 8's

In the last three days the years eights have been gone and we've been playing games and rotations first we did cooking and made truffles and we did our chant. on the second day we did two rotations. one was art two was team building. at the end of lunch time we did sports games where I did soccer  and today we did our chant and we did some games the groups were fobalicious munchies and my group churry.  Today we are going to watch a movie and do prize giving. the group with the most points gets a  prize and we did a prize draw the prize is fidget spinners. But for the group prize it is unknown it is a surprise for the wining group. the teachers that were still here were Mrs Judd Mrs ilauoa   wha kelly mr slade and miss pharoa

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

technological process week 1

 today we were learning about the technological process  we made a a lot of box's made out of jelly beans and tooth picks and we combined it. The task for today was  to make something to hold as many books as possible first we brainstormed then we had to research how to make it. then we planed/designed it then we were creating it the score that we got was 5. If I were to improve I would make it into a bigger cube with my group