Wednesday, 22 November 2017

film festival writing


Hello today i’m going to be writing about the 10th annual manaiakalani film festival in every film festival I went to, It was in hoyts at Sylvia park but anyway the movies i’m going to talk about are the battle of GI and story time with aunty tala for the battle of GI they had a couple cool songs such as hit the quan , work , Moana aue aue, ju ju on that beat, Rolex, here comes the boom from Nelly and more. it sounds amazing you should check it out.

Last but definitely not least story time with aunty tala this movie had A LOT of comedy how Evan a male was a witch and Damian as the local leprechaun but anyway the story was funny aunty tala (a.k.a justice) was funny every bit of this movie is funny. My favourite part was when the witch got Rapunzel in a what looks like swamp when the witch said “abra kadabra” it killed me.Another part that killed prior to “abra kadabra” was “leave me alone you witch” it killed me with laughter. The link to the two movies I talked about are here and here I really enjoyed these movies I hope you do to.

Monday, 20 November 2017

how to achieve your personal best

How to Achieve Your Personal Best
Hey there im going to talk about how to Achieve Your Personal Best im going to talk about three things that will help you Achieve Your Personal Best. 1.practice 2. Work hard  3. Dont be nervious (Personal best tip from me a.k.a I stole it from online and my friends)
1st idea you’ve got practice
Pretend that you want to do javlin BUT you cant even throw it one centermeater. all you have to do is go to a gym pay to be there then lift some weghts for a couple of weeks then your able to go do javlin same with sprinting and all the other sports (good luck)
2nd idea WORK HARD
You’ve got to go to the gym or home and exsersise for a large amount of time at the gym you can go on a tredmile for sprinting lift some weghts for being able to lift heavy objects, You can also run up and down the stairs for your legd  and thats it
When your about to jump in high jump you might give up and leave BUT Dont be that guy that leave’s when your about to win gain some courage dont be afraid dont wuss out and JUST DO IT!
In conclusion you have to practice, work hard and dont be nervious you have to do these things to acheve your Personal best and might even become an athlete someday if you keep on useing all of the three things I talked about and one day you might become better than all the athletes combined

Friday, 3 November 2017

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

the guest speaker

this morning we had a guest speaker Mr Patterson he came to talk to us about our future he asked a couple of people what is there dream job he pointed at me and I said game designer. after he asked everyone about there dream job he asked us to figure out a little math question it was about our motivation he told us to figure out what the letters stood for  it was motivation , inspiration , aspiration, it stood for aim to aim for our goals. 

he told us two story's the first story was about Mr Patterson at the airport in Australia his flight was cancelled so air New Zealand had to book a hotel room for all the people who were suppose to be on the plane. when he went to  the line he saw these two young adults with three kids at the back of the line so he put them all in the front of the line everyone in the line didn't complain about it they just let it happen. 

for the second story he told us that an eleven year old boy named Uili gave his lunch and his lunch money to a homeless man for two weeks the homeless man almost lost everything his job his wife and his house. after the eleven year old boy gave all his lunch money and lunch some people helped him as well now the homeless man has a job a rental home and is happy. in return for helping the homeless man the homeless man went to his school and told the school about what he did so Uili was rewarded a golden certificate. 

In conclusion Mr Patterson gave us a lot to think about for our future and that it has challenges in the future when we get older but to go for our dream job and to help others out in need like give someone at school doesn't have lunch then give the lunch to the person who needs it. I look forward to the future because then ill be older ,taller and hopefully have my dream job about being a game designer