Tuesday, 19 May 2015

robot poem

nepal earthquake

How Earthquake causes 1,000s of deaths in nepal
Ben .D 11th May 2015

On April 25th at 11:56am an earthquake smashed Nepal to pieces. There has been 1000 of people who got trapped under the bricks and wood. Also people are digging them out. The earthquake got the building to fall down on the cars on other peoples homes and killed  10000 people died some people are alive. Also there are earthquakes are so scary that it kills you instantly.

Kids from nepal can't go to school because there are 1000s of schools are destroyed
and there was another earthquake. Then it made nepal shake a lot. Plus there was a baby stuck in a house for 22 hr then it was pulled out of the broken home.

Skateboard Design

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ben Game review

Game Review by the famous    (Ben)

Name of Game: run2

Link to Game: run 2

How do you score/ win: go to the colorful land

Difficulty: 10/10

Fun: 9/10

1 in run 2 you have to run from something? and when you get the colorful land then level done. Also there are obstacles from stopping you from getting to the colorful  land

2 you shoudent play this game if you want to. if I remind my friend my game they would get angry at the game.

3 if you fall down you die and you respawn and you can jump to platform to platform. Then if you respawn you will continue running.