Friday, 17 March 2017

first time at polyfest

Today at polyfest it was my first time at polyfest first we had to board a bus to get to polyfest.  It proabably took an hour to get there but we didnt complain we were just talking to our mates.

My first highlight is getting dounts my bort donuts for all of us but three of us said thank you to my mom.  but those two got a growling from my mom lol. It was my first favorite thing in polyfest.

In polyfest there were smoothies that you ride a bycle that you keep paddleing. First you had to awnser questions to pick the smoothe that you are. When I finaly awenserd the questions we had to go back to school

The third thing I liked at polyfest was the first that we did was see police officers. We asked them some silly questions this was my favorite question do you taze people when they were resising is there awenser was no. lol

When I was in line to get a smothy ms taupuke said that its time to go and that we wont be able to get our smothys I was very sad. But After a long day at polyfest we lined up and had a last rollcall then we boarded the bus again and I had a long nap it was very fun.

this is the asb vid you can tell whitch one is me because im by far the best Click me

Tuesday, 7 March 2017