Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday, 3 November 2016

writing test

Walt: write a narrative
Once opon a tme there was a pokemon trainer named Ben he went to profeser oak. Ben picked charmander to join him in his journey. They were on there way to route one where a wild pokemon apered it was bobasuar after charmander fought bobasuar and charmander won.

It was starting to get dark charmander made a fire to keep warm. Ben brought a tent with him just in case of a situation like if he wanted to go camping.Ben brought some fish with him he was starving he placed a scewer in the fish and put it in the fire to cook. It was dark and scary even charmander was scared and Ben.

all of a sudden a squrtile jumped out of nowhere and landed on Ben. it was cold and it looked hungry so they put squrtile right next to the fire Ben threw a pokeball at it and he caught it the scewer was cooked and ready to be eaten. Ben realesed squrtle and gave it the fish scewer squrtile eat it like nothing after that they went inside the tent closed the tent and fell asleep.

The next day Ben woke up with charmander and squrtile lieing next to him he got up put his cloths on. When he went out he found a random bush right next to the tent. It was werid Ben said that “wasnt there before” Ben exsamned the bush. And found nothing when he walked  forwerd a bit it moved right at the back of him and taped him it was so strange. That Ben got charmander and squrtile to exsamen it to but nothing was there was still nothing it was so strange. Charmander tryied to burn it but nothing hapned it didnt burn at all Ben said “why didnt it burn?”

He went back to the lab where porfeser oak was Ben said “I need profeser oak now please” the register said sorry profeser oak is gone on a holiday. Ben was so furious that he yelled  “help me please there is a bush trying folowing me please help”. The register said “what bush?” Ben realised that the bush wasnt there is was even more strange “where did it go said” Ben said
Then he found some dirt it was useless. When he walked outside he found the bush right in frount of him Ben said “are you serious!” Ben brought the bush inside the lab and brought it to the receptionst it was so strange he said here this is the bush that has been folowing me.

As soon as he said that professer oak said “whats going on here?” Ben said “this bush has been folowing me all this time its really anoying” professer oak said “what bush?” “not again” Ben said its “probable outside like always” when he opened the door it wasnt there “WHAT!”Ben said

he found it again the bush wasnt there so he went on his way to complete his journey where he found it again near the lab Ben said “you stupid bush stop folowing me around” the bush lauphed Ben stoped and he took one step closer and he relesed charmander and squrtile he was creped out by its lauphter that he ran away as fast as he could.