Tuesday, 13 December 2016

diamantae poem

Walt: write diamante around a theme
we have been learning about a diamante poem and this is my poem

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Camp Benton

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island
On the the first day of camp we had to go to school before 7:30am. I came past 6:30 it was very cold and very dark I came with my mom to say goodbye to her because I was homesick after that.  

When we got our bags ready we were on our way to the ferry to get to Kawau island. It took an hour to get to Sandspit where the ferry was and then it took another 45 minutes to get to Kawau island. While we were on the fariy we saw a orca.

When we arrived  we had to unload the ferry and we were greeted by Peter and Erin. After that we had a little free time also that we went for a hike.The hike was long but it was worth it to have fun but still very tiring. The hike took all day when we got back we got a little free time again.

My favorite activity was bivouacs. We had to build a hut made out of sticks. The test was to make sure that water didn't leak through the hut when poured in.  Me and my friend David tried our best to build but water got through. It was my favorite because I wanted to build a house made out of sticks since I was five it was an amazing and fun experience.

On the second day of camp we were awoken  by a horn it was very loud and annoying. We all had to change quickly and we went on another hike again . It was long ,stressful and very very tiring it was annoying and we had to do it everyday! Luckily my friends helped me along the way. And I had a walking stick but it was really slippery and still raining.

After the hike we had little free time over and over again and we had breakfast then we went straight to our activities. After that we had hot dogs and one of us made the ducks fight.

On the very last day we woke up went for the hike again. Then after breakfast we headed off to our last activities. After that we had to pack all our stuff and cleaned our cabins. We said goodbye  to Peter and Arin and boarded the ferry with all our stuff. On our way back on bus I think everyone fell asleep. I kept on waking up and falling asleep when I woke up the last time we were back at school I got my bag and went home.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday, 3 November 2016

writing test

Walt: write a narrative
Once opon a tme there was a pokemon trainer named Ben he went to profeser oak. Ben picked charmander to join him in his journey. They were on there way to route one where a wild pokemon apered it was bobasuar after charmander fought bobasuar and charmander won.

It was starting to get dark charmander made a fire to keep warm. Ben brought a tent with him just in case of a situation like if he wanted to go camping.Ben brought some fish with him he was starving he placed a scewer in the fish and put it in the fire to cook. It was dark and scary even charmander was scared and Ben.

all of a sudden a squrtile jumped out of nowhere and landed on Ben. it was cold and it looked hungry so they put squrtile right next to the fire Ben threw a pokeball at it and he caught it the scewer was cooked and ready to be eaten. Ben realesed squrtle and gave it the fish scewer squrtile eat it like nothing after that they went inside the tent closed the tent and fell asleep.

The next day Ben woke up with charmander and squrtile lieing next to him he got up put his cloths on. When he went out he found a random bush right next to the tent. It was werid Ben said that “wasnt there before” Ben exsamned the bush. And found nothing when he walked  forwerd a bit it moved right at the back of him and taped him it was so strange. That Ben got charmander and squrtile to exsamen it to but nothing was there was still nothing it was so strange. Charmander tryied to burn it but nothing hapned it didnt burn at all Ben said “why didnt it burn?”

He went back to the lab where porfeser oak was Ben said “I need profeser oak now please” the register said sorry profeser oak is gone on a holiday. Ben was so furious that he yelled  “help me please there is a bush trying folowing me please help”. The register said “what bush?” Ben realised that the bush wasnt there is was even more strange “where did it go said” Ben said
Then he found some dirt it was useless. When he walked outside he found the bush right in frount of him Ben said “are you serious!” Ben brought the bush inside the lab and brought it to the receptionst it was so strange he said here this is the bush that has been folowing me.

As soon as he said that professer oak said “whats going on here?” Ben said “this bush has been folowing me all this time its really anoying” professer oak said “what bush?” “not again” Ben said its “probable outside like always” when he opened the door it wasnt there “WHAT!”Ben said

he found it again the bush wasnt there so he went on his way to complete his journey where he found it again near the lab Ben said “you stupid bush stop folowing me around” the bush lauphed Ben stoped and he took one step closer and he relesed charmander and squrtile he was creped out by its lauphter that he ran away as fast as he could.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Friday, 23 September 2016

star wars vs star trek

                             Star wars vs star trek

Long ago in a far away galaxy the evil empire prepares for battle aginst the rebel fleet when they get a transmission from a unidentifyed ship kylo ren awensered the transmission he said who dares inturupts the mighty empire kylo ren said there was no awenser. A long period of time past kylo ren said “lets show them what we got fire” said kylo ren the ship doged it and flew away kylo ren said lets just attack the rebel fleet.

Meanwhile the rebel fleet Prepare for an attack aginst the empire the ship that attacked the empire apared at endor the ship blasted the rebels the rebels fire back then it disapered it used cloack so the rebels flee to another planet. They found they empire kylo ren said we found them blast the rebels kylo ren said the ship blasted the blast and blated both the rebels and the empire.

The empire and rebels were in shook after they blasted them both. After the blast the empire sent tie fighters so did the rebels to attack the ship the fighters blew up in an instant. After that the empire and rebels a transmisson. They said “we will destroy you all” the transmission ended the empire and rebels prepare for another blast. They fire everything they got at that ship not evan a scratch.

They were protected by a sheld they have to shut down the sheld to fire so they waited for them to fire they did take a beating but the ships  shelds were down they fired everything they had at them it was hevaly damaged one more shot it will kill them. They said you beat us but we will be back the empire shot them the ship blew up after that the rebels jumped to hyper space to escape bye empire. The emprie went way to plan something

                         The end

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Olympic narrative

The day before fencing event began, Ruben D. Limardo Gascon stepped into the hot stciky Brazil airport. Playing pokemon go was a relaxing strategy he found amusing to calm his scaredness. While his pokemon go busy evolving charmannder to a charmelon, Ruben went to collect his bags, while he was gone, his friends thought it would be funny to leave him at the airport. When Ruben realised his friends were taking awhile to get there luggage, he started to panick.
He began to call each of there cell phones, without realsing his battery life was 1%, Andreas answered laughing, just when Ruben had asked where they were? His phone died! To Rubens frustration he had asked his friend Wendy to hold his charger in her carry bag. It’s Saturday 10 pm in Rio de Janera, it is hot and sticky and he’s was stranded.

Panick was not Rubens strength. Think! Think! Ruben kept saying to himself! When I see them Im going to kick there butts!! Ok, go to information booth? Wait i dont speak portugese! But i am sure someone may speak english i hope! To his surprise the lady behind the desk was helpful and friendly, but had no understand english! Ok one last try! Can i call my friend? His cell phone number I remember it! No! Was the answer payphone! Funny he thought the customer teller cant understand english, but hmmm. Feeling sad and mad he made himself comfortble on the thin shaped chair, and feeling defeated and unsure what next he closed his eyes tired!

Not far, in a cafe close to airport Andreas began to think to give up on the game, and go find Ruben. He did not need this extra stress, fencing event began in the second week. Andreas spoke to Wendy and told her about the joke. Wendy sat up and qucikly started to call the airport customer service, and began to describe Ruben to the lady. Of course the lady said yes, yes, yes and no. Now it was Rubens friends turn to panick. Wendy told them what the lady had said. Yes she has seen Ruben, and yes she has spoken to Ruben, and yes Rubens phone was dead. No, she did not know where he was right now. All jumping to there feet, quickly made there way back to the airport to rescue there dear friend.
Ruben eyes felt so heavy, I just need to get to motel and I will be ok. Feeling his stomach speaking he got up and needed to use money machine get some food. Looking around for pictures or signs of bank, the rumblng in his stomach helped him move faster. Not long Andreas and Wendy arrived and sat down next to the ssame Ruben had sake m fruestrated it has been three hours they need to find him.needed
They told him which way to go and they followed him so that he can let them in after a long period of time they finally made it and the brazillian army said Ruben d limardo gasco we tried to look for you how did you find your way here. Ruben d limardo gasco said the locals told me Ruben d limardo gasco said the army man said thank you to the locals. They asked can we come inside?  The army man said no because its only for athlets the locals wore cross at Ruben d limardo gasco he said that he would let them in to the olympic park they were so exsited to go there. but we cant because Ruben d limardo gasco lied Ruben d limardo gasco said” army soliger those locals are with me there aloud inside okay” Ruben d limardo gasco  said the soilger said im sorry “I cant let you do that but since your an athlet well let them in for one night”the soilger said. The locals cherred with exsitement horray thank you the locals said they cherred thank you Ruben d limardo gasco” they cheered when they went inside they were in shock how big it is. They saw so many things tall  buldings they each had one flag on them that ment one of the buldings that have a flag that is nz nz athlets go in that bulding . so ruben showed the difrent kind of bulldings after the night they went off home the children couldint stop talking about it. After that ruben found his friends he was so furious at them but then he huged them.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Archery animation - Olympics

Bens olympic animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my archery animation I have been working hard on it. The reason I did this is because our topic this term is 'We are the champions' and the olympics were on. Hope you enjoy.

sponsorship with athletes

Monday, 5 September 2016

Olympic fencing writing

Did you know that fencing is an modern sport in the Olympics. Have you heard of it? It is a sword fighting sport. Women joined in 1924 but before then only men could take part.

The rules and basics are 1:don’t run while holding the weapon by the handle. 2: Never wave swords about or point a weapon at someone who is not wearing a mask.  these are some of the basics.The aim of the game is strike the opponent in  there target area with a sword.

Fencing  first started in the 16th century in Europe. It was brought in to the Olympics in 1896. New Zealand can’t do fencing because they might not get a medal.

In the years Olympics,Russia is coming first in fencing second Hungary third Italy.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

cheeky sharky

6am Sunday morning, a cool breeze disturbs the surface water. Not much waves hit the boat but the sunrise was beginning to warm that cool breeze. A beautiful day for fishing! Not far  a giant shark jumped fully out of the water. The sharks body showed it was about 2 metres long with a fat stomach. The display was not missed by the fishermans near by. Armed with lifejackets and fishing rods the skipper said  enthusiastically oh dear! Cheeky sharky is in the house! “We going to have some competitions ladies and gentleman”. But not really! Skipper continues, he’s already eaten and wants to play tag using the
The fisherman catch of the day was  giant snapper and a giant salmon they were adult size so he put the giant fish and salmon back to sea. Then a massive wave hit his ship.

That wave when it hit the fisherman, he almost went over board along with everyone as well. At this time the cheeky sharky had jumped over the ship everyone was in shock. Then he had done the most cheekiest thing! cheeky shark bumped the ship again this time everyone fell into the sea, lucky they had life jackets so they will float.

Being close to Rangitoto they swam for shore. As they swam for the shore someone realised they were being followed, they were afraid it would be cheeky sharky! Swimming along tapping people’s feet under water more like dragging or helping them along towards the shore faster. Dip and dive sharky went in front of them then the fisher-man said “umm is that you nibbling our feet?”. Sharky being so cheeky replied “hmmm maybe”, hmmm maybe not! Sharky carried on nipping and dragging swimmers along. Reaching the shore, cheeky sharky said “your’re welcome!” then they said “how come you didn’t eat us” sharky replied now why would i do that if i had brought you onshore but just company instead. Then the shark said “I wanted to play with you”! You could’ve just said it!
                     The end

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Olympic writing

Country's that host the Olympics games must show they have the capability space. to hold the games and invest there own money into them. Thru the influx of tourists the hosting country hope to gain more money during they Olympic ultimately the ioc decide which.    

In 2012 the Olympics were held in London united kingdom it was the third time.

I think my score is 5  Because I listened to my teacher.  

Thursday, 4 August 2016

identifying fractions


holiday writing

In the first week of the holiday I was with my mom and aunty with my baby cusion and she kept on hiting my eye and face. When she finaly stoped I was beatin up then she huged me and I was happy. Then my other cusions came and had fun and made toy guns made out of toy blocks.

The second week of the holiday I had my last day on my computer for two weeks. Then we flew down to Cristchurch and got a rental car then drove to uncle Ashly.  Then drove to Grandma and Greatgrandma then visted uncle dave and aunty pam and my two cusions. Sofiy and Paige are two my little cusions from the south island. And they both jumped on my back it was really bad on my back at least I had a mesage.

On the last day in the south island I said goodbye to my family and flu to auckland then took a shuttle home then felt sad and went to my mamas houes and visted my family I was happy to see them.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Olympic writing

The 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing china.It was the first time women could compete in boxing. Women from Brunei Qatar Saudi Arabia  were allowed to participate . This was considered a  big deal because women from these country are not equal with men the games in china were one of the most extinctive.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Olympic history

Do you know about the ancient olympic games?
The ancient olympic games began in 776 BC in Olympia. There was one  event the 200 yard dash. Only men could compete.the games were a religious festival.

In 391 AD Rome invaded Greece. Two years later the olympic games were abolished.

In 1896 a french man re built the Modern Olympic games. Four years later in 1900, women were allowed to compete in the olympic games. In 1936 was the first time the olympic games were on television The games became a world--wide event. A French men formed a committee the International Olympic committee  or IOC for short it was made to protect the Olympics.

 The games this year are being held in rio Brazil 2016 and I think usain bolt is going to win the most gold medals for running. Also I think NZs gonna win the most gold medals and jemacia       

Thursday, 7 July 2016

division with remainders

bok choy

real life hero writing

A hero is a person who protects and defends others. Fire fighters police officers, nurses and doctors they are all.Are everyday real life super hero a hero is really helpful and they always help people when they need it.

My everyday real superhero is a policer officer who respects other people and cares for them too. Police officer protect people and try to keep them safe and stops drunk drivers and people doing bad things . Also officers are really helpful people and help solve other people’s problems.      

Why my heroes are police officers is because they are very important people in the community. sometimes they have guns and batons just in case of an armed robbery or gun shooters. Police officers risks their own lives for others.           

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

superhero on a mission

One day at Point England, there was a boy who had a rich dad and he was rich. He was secretly a super hero called Iron Patriot. The boy was a really big fan of Iron man and really liked  technology. The boy also knew a lot of things like how to make a robot,-a robot suit that can shoot laser beams and fly with rockets boots and has cool paint on it. The colour of the armour that he made is red, blue and white. It was very cool.

Iron patriot has a nemises called ant man because he shronk into his  suit and destroyed it he was so furious at ant man that he wanted him dead and he would pay 25,000$ for his dead body mercanerys came and hunted him. They searched for weeks for him and a mercenary  found him and and cout him in a trap. and gave him to iron patriot and payed  the 25,000$ and got ant man in a trap but he didn't know he was a hero he thorght he was a villan like the rest he put him in a jail that is unbreakable.  

When the villans broke in ant man wanted to get out but the gurads were robots an made out of vibrainim so it was unbreakable like the prison he couldint even shrink through it. But the villans brought other tech so the vibranim could turn into steel. So the real villans turned the vibrainim to steel and broke in and freed the villans exsept ant man all the villans attacked him and found his identity and found out his real name his first name was scott but they couldint find out his last name. Then iron patriot woke up but was it a dream? Nope it wasent

They really did break into the prison and took ant man and the other prisoners but they left a clue it was from joker but iron patriot had an intire army of iron men suits to track them. Also black panther helped him find them and iron man they tracked them into the forest and they heard some sounds. It was screaming they thorght it was ant man they thorght but it was a radio there was anther clue it said meet us at new zealand wellington in the forest .

They meet up at new zealand at wellington at night they saw ant man and whip marks on him he said “is a trap run” ant man said  but iron patriot wouldint lison he freed him and then a big exspolshion happened ka-boom! The exspolsion shooked the rest and but black panther went in and saw iron patriot and ant man there in a coma

after 5 years later the world had changed it was in chaos it run by villains all the prisons in the world were destroyed then he noticed that no hero's where trying to fight them he wondered “what happened to them”  said iron patriot he said where is my armour iron man replied in my cave” iron patriot was asking “why isn't there any heros left”? Iron man said while you where in that coma the villans took over the world. “All the heros died there are only me , black panther, visoin thor hulk war macine black widow and you the rest are away sadly” said iron man iron patriot asked how did the villans kill all the other heros.

“Ultron made a super weapon that killed all the heros but he used it on you we thourght you were dead” replied iron man “what”!? Said iron patriot “well we should attack them” said iron patriot  your right said iron man” lets take back the world ” said iron man after 1 mouth they took back the world from the villans and everything was back to normal.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

make up magic


WALT: identify where speech marks go in our writing 

 Phillip asked" Mom are we going to the movies today" it was the holidays after all. "First you need to tidy your room and help put the dishes away and then we can go" replied mom. Phillip  worked like crazy getting his room clean and helped mom with the dishes. This going to be the best day ever! excalmed  phillip he was bursting with excitement.

I think  my score out of 10 is 8

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


1 Peter Parker he was bitten  by highly enhanced spiders. He also has super powers that include strength, agility, spider scenes, the ability to scale buildings, and shoot webs. 

 2 Spider man wears a red and blue costume and a mask to protect his secret identity. and  he protects mankind and with great power comes great responsibility. 

Thursday, 26 May 2016

personification dictagloss

the danced upon the ocean  as if on a spot lighted stage. the tired old shoes felt lonesome at the back of the closet. the cellphone alarm screamed and hollowed at me until I finally got out of bed.

I think for this is 8 out of 10

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

images tell a story

suzie and the space nuts ep 3

This is the best drawing I can do for Dr Weevil.  If you don't know him he took Freeble and Gorts space ship.

What I think will happen next? Is that Gort will break out break them out and make a plan to get there space ship back with no problems and go home.

Friday, 13 May 2016

new Zealand at war


suzie and the space nuts ep 2

feeble is a alien that eats a lot of carbon based things like books plates hips of things and he has a robot friend named gort they have a spaceship that they lost in ep 1

in episode 2 Suzie has school and feeble wants to come too but Suzie says no so he discuses himself as a human to follow Suzie at school  at school feeble says do you like my discuse Suzie said what are you doing here. The teachers asks what his name he said fruzie and at play time he cross face to face with a bully and he takes the glass off with a nose runs away then when they get back gort is okay and looks for the spaceship and says he sore it at the house over the street and feeble says I laugh in the face of danger

what I think will happen next is they steal its the bully glenn there and gort throws him and get the space ship and go home

Thursday, 12 May 2016

fraction facts

holiday highlight

In the holidays I watched the jungle book movie. It was funny when Moglie was with the Bear named Baloo. Me and my mum cracked up laughing.We watched Iron man, I fell asleep watching it at  night. Then my mom put me in my bed then when I woke up I played games and had fun the movie I liked was iron man.

When I was with my dad he gave me something to animate stick figures waving and walking. It was easy to do and I played games like minecraft story mode. In minecraft,you play as a person named Jessie and episode 5 is out when I played it,it was an hour long and I did not expect it to be that long.

Also me and my dad went for a long walk I was getting a stich when we went back home I was tired and started to play games. I played transfomers fall of cybertron, and war for cybertron, plus rise of the dark spark, angry birds.
Played minecraft with mods and slither.io if you dont know What slither.io is its like agar.io but your a snake or a worm dont know witch one I think its snakes.  

But it's fun too because when you’re small you can take out a 4big guy and become bigger and circle other snakes and eat them plus when your big it's annoying when you die. I played hips of game in the holidays plus i played tube tycoon where its like you tube it's really fun. Because it's really like youtube there are good comments and I'm not sure if you can reach a million subs I will find out the game the game I enjoyed was tube tycoon.   

The favourite part of tube tycoon is the funny names of the games. Plus in the holidays I missed school and my friends and learning. Also  when I went swimming I got better at swimming. But my favourite thing is school and learning     

                                   Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

baking comic strip

Suzie and the Space Nuts


"This term our topic is called as I see It. Our team is focusing on comic art with pictures and small box's   that tell the story in sequential order some times there are words, diolog and onomatopoeia other times there only pictures can guess what I'm saying".

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Bens volcano animation

Bens volcano animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

fia fia 2016

                               fiafia 2016!
Fiafia is a event that our school dose every two years. There are 18 groups altogther. Hiphop junior middle senior, circus circus, Cookisland, Samoa, Rock band, Kapahaka, bollywood,Nuiean, Asian,Jumpjam Tongan boys, and others. Wehave been practiceing for one day a week. Fiafia was on Aprill the 7th held here at school

I was in the middle hiphop group. We were performing 6th on the stage The songs we danced to were love yourself that dessert and house of pain.The moves we were doing were dab, whip nae nae poseing  and others. My group is about doing our dance fast and cool.

 I thorght of fiafia was fun.I like performing the moves I learned. I hope to join jump jam or senior hiphop next time. I look forward to the next fiafia in 2018!.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Zack the dragon and his fun game

once upon there was a dragon named Zack he was playing in the forest with his brother when another dragon “came along what are you two doing” he asked “we’re playing knights” they replied “do you want to play to.”

when the other dragon said “sure” Zack and his brother said “whats your name” said Zack and his brother said ghe replied “my name is brad” brad said so how do we play said brad he said zack replied you have to attack a castle and get the king Said Zack his brother also said to “get your brothers and sisters to help in this game”. Said Zacks brother When they got in place they attacked the kingdom and the people were in terror. The king said to his knights to protect his kingdom the knight failed Zack got the king then left his brother Said” well done Zack” Said his brother. Brad Said “that was A fun game Zack” Said brad. The king Said in terror “let me down please” said the king Zack let him down and left the game was over and they went back home and told his family and had a happy ending.

Year 5 & 6 camp presntation

Friday, 18 March 2016

Ben integers

pirate writing

Once upon a time there was a pirate named Dredbeared. He had a robotic arm and a gun holstered to his hip dredbeared was a very menacing. His outfit was dark as night, his ship was light as day but his crew was very hard to come over. His hearty crew names were Chris Gary Matt Tom and Edd. They were all men because men are tough not like girls.

When their ship crashed the crew was scared and dred beared was alone. He went out to find his crew and find booty in the island “YARR! Where Be Me” Crew Dred beard said suddenly he found a swarm of spiders and a giant spider queen that was going to eat him. So he got his gun and shot the spiders and nothing happened “WHAT BE DIS”! said Dred beard . then he found one of his crew it was Tom. So he tried to shoot it with his gun it fell of and popped then black beared said “get up scallywag!” then Tom got out his gun then tried to shoot the spiders.

When it did nothing dredbeard yelled “JUMP!!!!!!” Tom and dredbeard jumped down the waterfall to run away from the spiders. When they fell down they almost died. They saw another one of their crew it was edd. Both dredbeard and tom shot at the bubble then it popped and edd got out his sword and followed Tom and dredbeard to a find the rest of the crew.

While they were walking around, they saw a couple of spiders that were heading right towards them us so they decided to ran. then they got ambushed by the spider. Dred beard said “YARR WE BE DOOMED!.”  Tom said  eye caption it was with you” Tom said dred beard had an idea he said “Tom you shot the ones on the edd chop the ones on the right I will have the middle lets go” commanded dredbeard.


When they were looking  for matt Chris and gary but they couldn’t find them they were trying to fix the ship but they think they got eaten by the spiders. When they fixed the ship before they went off to the pirate island tom saw an x and said captain there an x marked here. Dredbeard said well dig it. When Tom and Edd started digging then they saw a giant chest  dredbeard said “YARR BRING THEY BUTTY ON ME SHIP” said dredbeard . When Tom and Edd brought the treasure on the ship dredbeard said “YARR SET SAIL TO THE SEA” said dredbeard
When went to sea they got what they wanted and in the chest was 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 gold. Dredberd said “YARR WE BE RICH” dredbeard said then they made to sea they got new people called  kaden vill and simon in there crew and had a happy ending after that  adventure.       

Monday, 14 March 2016

Captin Morgan Adams

Captain Morgan Adams
Captain Morgan Adams was a tyrant a pirate bent on causing mayhem and havic. Across  the seven seas but also the enemey of the britsh empire. Along with his crew  they had boarded smaller ships and taking there butty for the keeping .This all chaged when they came across the cursed treasure of davy jones locker

My score out of 17 is 4

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Monday, 7 March 2016

Zack the dragon

Zack the dragon
Zack was estactic and also curies what was knight in shiny armour doing in the middle of the forest let alone wanted to play with dragons. Didn't he know they meant to be enimes after all?. Surely he was up to something and it was up zacks to find out this knights outearer motive.

my score is out of 15 is 5

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

volcano Whakaari

here are some mountains that use to be volcanoes in the world
WALT: Use prior knowledge with information from the text to help our understanding
more information here
I learned that there are more than 500 or around about that many volcanoes around the world. One of the interesting ones was a volcanic crater called lake puluke it erupted 200,00 years ago

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

volcano infomation

this is some information about volcano
You can find out more information from here

Monday, 29 February 2016

cat at the beach

WALT: narrate a story that involves a cat, at the beach and a friend needs help
It was a beautiful sunny day to spend at the beach. Johnson the cat was relaxing on the hot white sand. His master was paddling in the refreshing crystal water, when suddenly his friend Byron came along. He was looking very sorry for himself.  

“Why the long face?” Johnson said Bryon replied because when” I was eating my fish a dog scared me so I ran in terror and my owners were mad they said “its just a dog” then Byron replied no.

Then johnson said “do you want to play a game” said johnson bryon replied “sure what game” said bryon johnson replied “hide and seek.”

So they played hide and seek till they where tired then johnson said “wow that was fun”said johnson.  when the owener  of johnson  since johnsons owner went back he was wet so the johnson and bryon walked one step back. when johnsons owener dryed himself he got two fishs for me and  byron. So we eat fish and had a awesome day.
                                                         the end

writing test

sudden desapearnces
It was a normal day antil the aliens came they were stealing everything from the world even people
nobody was safe .
til people made the robots called alametronics. They created them to hunt down the aliens but when they saw them they turned aginst everybody enclueding humans so then they haunted houses and places so when the aliens came back they were mad.

“freddy said the aliens wont be able to get inside here” said Freddy. Bonnie said “ya but we need wepons” said Bonnie. Then they upgraded them selfs then the aliens came and said “you belong to us” said they aliens The alametronics said “no we dont” they had a war with each other then the alametronics said “we have to get to the house” they said.

When they went to the house they were asking there friend the nightmare alametronics if they could help they said yes then stayed there there  where a few of them so they were strong.
fredbear said “we need to stay here” fredbear said  then nightmare said “we,ve got some baracades so do we” said the alametronics.

Then the aliens where planing there attacks then they were stealing them one at a time even the alametronics got sucked up by there ufos so they set up a back hole to destroy everything even time so the aliens called it the heart of darkness. but before that the alametronics entered there game thing stared to desapear and glitch out then the video games where mearged together.

So minecraft and fnaf got mearged togther so endermen began to steal blocks crepears blew stuff up and things even ufos. But then the aliens got mad they got the other armies then lanched the heart of darkness when it was lanched then aliens ran to anther galexy to do there own thing so the aliens won the war and left everything destroyed even time.
                                                                         the end