Thursday, 12 April 2018

20 sentence story about the transformers

In 1984 there was a show made that day that many people liked and now not really. It was the transformers that aired in 1984.

The transformers had a story about the nobel optimus prime and the evil megatron. The show had A LOT of animation errors and when I say a lot I mean a lot like watch the show trust me. But when the transformers the movie came it just wrecked havoc on the original cast in order to make room for the new toys I mean new characters. Kids who were watching the movie were terrified at the fact there favourite characters were being destroyed in front of their eyes parents had to rush their children out of the cinema because they were crying a lot. After the movie the show came in with session 3 I think Parents gave the series a chance to watch it and that's why I think it had a good rating. Before session 3 ended they introduced the headmaster's concept to people before the show ended. Later on Hasbro came up with the idea with generation 2 and it was horrible people didn't even watch it. But then transformers beast wars came and it was 1,000% better but first people said trukk not munky (trust me it was really bad) but later the show redeemed itself with what kids love VIOLENCE. But they actually had a reason for them to come back they had CR chambers that transformers could use if there were injured. but if they were dying then the CR chamber couldn't save them. its a really good show I recommend it. but the japan did there beast and it was 1,000 times worst they did 2d animation and focused on comedy instead of action. optimus primal did show up once though. but before beast wars there was transformers victory. optimus wasn't in charge it was starsaber. he was 1,000 times better than optimus. he turned into a jet and he had an adopted son. in the english dub its almost as funny as the headmasters.


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  2. Ben awesome writing you were very ambitious to write a 2O SENTENCE STORY ! I really enjoyed the amount of detail you went in all you need is a bit of editing and bang put it all together and you got yourself a good book great work ben great worK :) the images added a great sense of flavour

  3. Hi Ben. Among your readers I am the one who is old enough to remember when the Transformers toys were launched as a product line. I was teaching students who were about your age, and there was a lot of fascination with these new objects. I recall my students using them in a creative way to tell stories about mechanical devices that changed into characters. You would no doubt see many animation errors in the movies of that day because animation techniques were very different. Computer generated animations had not yet been invented in the way that you are quite used to in the 21st century. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on these matters.