Thursday, 19 February 2015


at pt england we had a word called WITS it help as to work and from bullies and  W stands for walk away like if a person punches you then walk away if someone tells you bad things walk away and if someone kicks you walk away.

I stands for ignore if someone is tapping you ignore it  like if someone is annoying you then ignore it and also if someone is punching you ignore it
if someone pushes you the ignore it .

T stands for talk about it if someone is telling you bad thing then talk about it. If someone is kicking you then talk about it if someone pushes you then talk about it.

S stands for seek help if you're not using their WITS then seek help if you need help with work seek help and if a bully gets you down seek help.
if someone taps you you can use your WITS and tell a teacher.


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  2. wonderful work Ben you should teach of class to use WITS
    I hope you use WITS Outside of school and out of the classroom

    I hope you are good in school