Thursday, 5 February 2015

my hoilday

In the hoildays I played mine craft with my dad. Then I went to my mom and watch leagons of chima. I was enjoying it and we were packing and relaxing and I went to the beach to go camping. I played with my cousin we played checkers and water fights with the water guns. I went swimming in the sea. We ate chicken for dinner.
and we play wars with toys i was wining and loesing and I won all of them and I won.
then we play wars agin and my cousin won then we played sports. Then I went to my dads hounes then I played games with my dad like minecraft. Then he gave me two games  and I like it then we  played lots togthair. then we played warcraft then we

won we played anthor round then we won again and again and again.

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