Thursday, 27 August 2015

giraffe facts

1. The giraffe is one of the world’s __b tallest__________________ animals.
A) Smallest B) Tallest C) Biggest D) Longest

2. Giraffes are known for their long _______C neak_______________.
A) Arms B) Nose C) Neck D) Head

3. What is an African savannah like? (circle or highlight your answer)
A) Cold and Dry B) Dry and Grassy C) Wet and Hot D) Warm and Cold

4. What type of trees does the giraffe eat from? (circle or highlight your answer)
A) Maple Trees B) Oak Trees C) Palm Trees D) Acacia Trees
5. How do giraffes live if they can’t drink water? (circle or highlight your answer)
A) They can’t live without water B) They eat leaves that are wet C) They ask another giraffe for a glass of water D) They live happily ever after

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