Tuesday, 27 October 2015

egg friend race

On wednesday the 21st of october  our teacher got ko ko crazy to have a egg friend did you have a egg friend?. My egg's name was soundwave and he died he had a evil side and a good side it But now he's dead but now I'll tell you the story.

so on the 21st when  mr baxindine brought some egg he explained what we're going to do and we drawed our egg friends face and my one was normal was red and blue also yellow  but when we went to the park many eggs died there they had their brain surgery it was a tragedy. now mr bax said we have to go over there things and under 1 it was scary .   

But we made it thru the tragedy   and . . .   most of the eggs died they were my friends eggs
 died on the wooden floor When the race is over We'll had funerals   most of our eggs died.     Some survived but  we still had fun.

Then when we went back It was cold as ice. Because that's what happens when somebody dies rain comes  Also  we  went back to work  the end

r.i.p. sound wave
october 21st october 21st

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