Wednesday, 18 November 2015

athletics day writing

on Friday the 13th of November we all had athletics day and I was in blue because blue is the best team and the best color ever. Because I think my team won because of the finals everybody gathered in the field and the fastest and the teachers joined and parents

tug of war when it was our turn to go do tug of war we sort of lost tug of war because green beat everybody on it. So then we wanted to vs yellow but we didn't we ran out of time then went to another activity for us.

It was high jumps and it was sort of high but I went to the shorter one but it was still fun I only wanted to have fun for today but I tried my best.

when it was over we went back to class and got our bags to go home but before that it was fun watch the last bit of athletics day when everybody had a race. It was fun though goodbye


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