Wednesday, 22 November 2017

film festival writing


Hello today i’m going to be writing about the 10th annual manaiakalani film festival in every film festival I went to, It was in hoyts at Sylvia park but anyway the movies i’m going to talk about are the battle of GI and story time with aunty tala for the battle of GI they had a couple cool songs such as hit the quan , work , Moana aue aue, ju ju on that beat, Rolex, here comes the boom from Nelly and more. it sounds amazing you should check it out.

Last but definitely not least story time with aunty tala this movie had A LOT of comedy how Evan a male was a witch and Damian as the local leprechaun but anyway the story was funny aunty tala (a.k.a justice) was funny every bit of this movie is funny. My favourite part was when the witch got Rapunzel in a what looks like swamp when the witch said “abra kadabra” it killed me.Another part that killed prior to “abra kadabra” was “leave me alone you witch” it killed me with laughter. The link to the two movies I talked about are here and here I really enjoyed these movies I hope you do to.

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