Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Physical exercise

Physical activity doesn't just help you get buff or lose weight it helps you improve your verbal memory. Like in the title “Do physical THINGS thats gets your blood and sweat glands pumping ”. Like running, jumping or a morning jog

If you get up in the morning and have a morning jog it helps your verbal memory I know I already addressed that but it's actually really important.  Because the hippocampus the part that protects memory and thinking those are really important because we use them daily. and if we don't exercise we barely have a any memory or thinking skills

If you don't exercise you not only not improve your verbal memory you also have a higher chance of getting a heart disease,stroke and diabetes these are really bad so don't just exercise to improve your verbal memory do it to avoid these infections 

Anaerobic exercise helps you with getting buff and losing weight but aerobic exercise that's the thing that really helps. It helps with verbal memory and diseases

Now the obvious thing that people think is whenever you exercise it gets you buff and helps you lose weight that's anaerobic exercise. but  the exercise that really helps you is aerobic exercise it really doesn't just do that. It helps with verbal memory and helps us avoid diseases

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