Wednesday, 12 September 2018

the three little pigs if the tale was really violent

NOTE our task was to rewrite a fairy tale also picture the wolfs voice like sindri myr's please it really adds some depth into the story. Its whats the videos for

( I really hope no child will read this)
My take on the story about the 3 little pigs
The characters are pork, ham,  bacon
 Once upon a time there were  The 3 little pigs named pork , ham and bacon approached their fathers dark chocolate house. As they approached they could hear a spine shivering howl coming from the house. As they hesitantly decided to open the door they could see a 8 foot tall direwolf  chomping on the headless bloody father pig corpse sitting on the blood stained couch. The pigs were horrified at the sight of there dead father.  bacon was really emotionally hurt  by watching his father get eaten and said “ WHAT THE HECK!” said shocked of the tragedy. The direwolf stopped it eating and looked at the three pigs. And said very happily “ooo just my lucky day three little piggies” as the wolf breathed in, the pigs were getting ready to run.  “at my doorstep” the pigs started to run as fast as they could. But the direwolf caught up to  bacon and grabbed him  bacon said “LET ME GO!” the dire wolf started to bring its victim back to the dark chocolate house and began eating  bacon alive. bacon shrieked “AGH HELP ME!” one last bite from the dire wolf killed bacon (rip bacon) the direwolf said “ NO ONE CAN STAND AGAINST ME!” the dire wolf started to howl. Pork and ham were seperated but they could still hear the howl.

Pork somehow found lots of steel enough to build a house. ham wasn't so lucky he just found a lot of sticks enough to build a little hut. There was a hunter watching all of that at a safe distance. The hunter said “why is there a dark chocolate house? The direwolf was right behind him
The direwolf said “ well, well, well, look what I have here”
The hunter brought his rusty old rifle and started to run. The hunter said “ WHY THE HECK IS THERE A TALKING WOLF!” ( because its a fairy tale)
The dire said “ it's just my lucky day 3 pigs and now a hunter what's next I wonder” the direwolf gave chase.   meanwhile ham finished his house because it didn't take long with the resources he had It even provided warmth. Pork though was still in the middle of building his house.  The hunter was still running the hunter was preparing his rifle. Once the rifle was ready the hunter opened fire. It did hit the wolf but it had no effect. The hunter pulled out his sharp knife And stabbed the direwolf. But it had little to no effect on the direwolf. The direwolf said “well it seems like it's  time for a little snack” a loud shriek of terror echoed into the forest. But then it immediately stopped followed by loud sounds of eating.

The pigs were done with there little buildings ham made a little hut and pork made a really beautiful house. The direwolf saw the little hut containing porkchop. The direwolf approached the little hut saying “ what is this?” the direwolf Pondered. The direwolf destroyed the little hut. Ham said “PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!” the direwolf grabbed ham and started to eat ham. Pork could hear the shriek of terror but did nothing. The dire wolf said “hmm I wonder what that is?” pork could see the wolf coming and decided to give up on life. The direwolf approached the house and could see pork. The direwolf said “giving up so soon?”
Pork said “yes… yes I am”
The direwolf said “I thought this would of been fun but I guess not”  the direwolf went to pork and grabbed him and started to eat him.

The end ( I know my version of the story doesn't have a happy ending but I sort of like it)

(The story/fable was about putting dedication into your work because it pays off in the end)

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