Thursday, 14 April 2016

fia fia 2016

                               fiafia 2016!
Fiafia is a event that our school dose every two years. There are 18 groups altogther. Hiphop junior middle senior, circus circus, Cookisland, Samoa, Rock band, Kapahaka, bollywood,Nuiean, Asian,Jumpjam Tongan boys, and others. Wehave been practiceing for one day a week. Fiafia was on Aprill the 7th held here at school

I was in the middle hiphop group. We were performing 6th on the stage The songs we danced to were love yourself that dessert and house of pain.The moves we were doing were dab, whip nae nae poseing  and others. My group is about doing our dance fast and cool.

 I thorght of fiafia was fun.I like performing the moves I learned. I hope to join jump jam or senior hiphop next time. I look forward to the next fiafia in 2018!.

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