Friday, 1 April 2016

Zack the dragon and his fun game

once upon there was a dragon named Zack he was playing in the forest with his brother when another dragon “came along what are you two doing” he asked “we’re playing knights” they replied “do you want to play to.”

when the other dragon said “sure” Zack and his brother said “whats your name” said Zack and his brother said ghe replied “my name is brad” brad said so how do we play said brad he said zack replied you have to attack a castle and get the king Said Zack his brother also said to “get your brothers and sisters to help in this game”. Said Zacks brother When they got in place they attacked the kingdom and the people were in terror. The king said to his knights to protect his kingdom the knight failed Zack got the king then left his brother Said” well done Zack” Said his brother. Brad Said “that was A fun game Zack” Said brad. The king Said in terror “let me down please” said the king Zack let him down and left the game was over and they went back home and told his family and had a happy ending.

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  1. Hi Ben! I like your background so you did a good job on your reading?
    Keep up the great work?

    From your bestie Andrew