Thursday, 12 May 2016

holiday highlight

In the holidays I watched the jungle book movie. It was funny when Moglie was with the Bear named Baloo. Me and my mum cracked up laughing.We watched Iron man, I fell asleep watching it at  night. Then my mom put me in my bed then when I woke up I played games and had fun the movie I liked was iron man.

When I was with my dad he gave me something to animate stick figures waving and walking. It was easy to do and I played games like minecraft story mode. In minecraft,you play as a person named Jessie and episode 5 is out when I played it,it was an hour long and I did not expect it to be that long.

Also me and my dad went for a long walk I was getting a stich when we went back home I was tired and started to play games. I played transfomers fall of cybertron, and war for cybertron, plus rise of the dark spark, angry birds.
Played minecraft with mods and if you dont know What is its like but your a snake or a worm dont know witch one I think its snakes.  

But it's fun too because when you’re small you can take out a 4big guy and become bigger and circle other snakes and eat them plus when your big it's annoying when you die. I played hips of game in the holidays plus i played tube tycoon where its like you tube it's really fun. Because it's really like youtube there are good comments and I'm not sure if you can reach a million subs I will find out the game the game I enjoyed was tube tycoon.   

The favourite part of tube tycoon is the funny names of the games. Plus in the holidays I missed school and my friends and learning. Also  when I went swimming I got better at swimming. But my favourite thing is school and learning     

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