Friday, 13 May 2016

suzie and the space nuts ep 2

feeble is a alien that eats a lot of carbon based things like books plates hips of things and he has a robot friend named gort they have a spaceship that they lost in ep 1

in episode 2 Suzie has school and feeble wants to come too but Suzie says no so he discuses himself as a human to follow Suzie at school  at school feeble says do you like my discuse Suzie said what are you doing here. The teachers asks what his name he said fruzie and at play time he cross face to face with a bully and he takes the glass off with a nose runs away then when they get back gort is okay and looks for the spaceship and says he sore it at the house over the street and feeble says I laugh in the face of danger

what I think will happen next is they steal its the bully glenn there and gort throws him and get the space ship and go home

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