Friday, 19 February 2016

Te Waka o Aoraki: How the South Island was formed

this story was very intursting to read and write so the four brothers were hungry so they went to earth and fish. When they got nothing they wanted to go back so the fourth brother chanted to it . then when the brothers cyed the foruth brother got destracted and the waka fell down then sinked then the brothers turned to mountions. then turned to the south island

  1. What had Aoraki and his brothers set out to do? go to earth to fish
  2. Explain why was Aoraki distracted while he was chanting his karakia? to get back up in space
  3. Which part of the canoe was stuck in the ocean and which part launched into space? the stern the bow
  4. Why couldn’t they return back to the sky? the chant was broken
  5. Explain why the brothers turned to stone the magic of the broken waka turned them to stone
  6. Where are Aoraki and his brothers now? in the south island

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  1. Very interesting story Benioni, maybe include details from the questions with answers to the story to make the story flow. Love you Mum.