Monday, 29 February 2016

writing test

sudden desapearnces
It was a normal day antil the aliens came they were stealing everything from the world even people
nobody was safe .
til people made the robots called alametronics. They created them to hunt down the aliens but when they saw them they turned aginst everybody enclueding humans so then they haunted houses and places so when the aliens came back they were mad.

“freddy said the aliens wont be able to get inside here” said Freddy. Bonnie said “ya but we need wepons” said Bonnie. Then they upgraded them selfs then the aliens came and said “you belong to us” said they aliens The alametronics said “no we dont” they had a war with each other then the alametronics said “we have to get to the house” they said.

When they went to the house they were asking there friend the nightmare alametronics if they could help they said yes then stayed there there  where a few of them so they were strong.
fredbear said “we need to stay here” fredbear said  then nightmare said “we,ve got some baracades so do we” said the alametronics.

Then the aliens where planing there attacks then they were stealing them one at a time even the alametronics got sucked up by there ufos so they set up a back hole to destroy everything even time so the aliens called it the heart of darkness. but before that the alametronics entered there game thing stared to desapear and glitch out then the video games where mearged together.

So minecraft and fnaf got mearged togther so endermen began to steal blocks crepears blew stuff up and things even ufos. But then the aliens got mad they got the other armies then lanched the heart of darkness when it was lanched then aliens ran to anther galexy to do there own thing so the aliens won the war and left everything destroyed even time.
                                                                         the end

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