Thursday, 1 September 2016

cheeky sharky

6am Sunday morning, a cool breeze disturbs the surface water. Not much waves hit the boat but the sunrise was beginning to warm that cool breeze. A beautiful day for fishing! Not far  a giant shark jumped fully out of the water. The sharks body showed it was about 2 metres long with a fat stomach. The display was not missed by the fishermans near by. Armed with lifejackets and fishing rods the skipper said  enthusiastically oh dear! Cheeky sharky is in the house! “We going to have some competitions ladies and gentleman”. But not really! Skipper continues, he’s already eaten and wants to play tag using the
The fisherman catch of the day was  giant snapper and a giant salmon they were adult size so he put the giant fish and salmon back to sea. Then a massive wave hit his ship.

That wave when it hit the fisherman, he almost went over board along with everyone as well. At this time the cheeky sharky had jumped over the ship everyone was in shock. Then he had done the most cheekiest thing! cheeky shark bumped the ship again this time everyone fell into the sea, lucky they had life jackets so they will float.

Being close to Rangitoto they swam for shore. As they swam for the shore someone realised they were being followed, they were afraid it would be cheeky sharky! Swimming along tapping people’s feet under water more like dragging or helping them along towards the shore faster. Dip and dive sharky went in front of them then the fisher-man said “umm is that you nibbling our feet?”. Sharky being so cheeky replied “hmmm maybe”, hmmm maybe not! Sharky carried on nipping and dragging swimmers along. Reaching the shore, cheeky sharky said “your’re welcome!” then they said “how come you didn’t eat us” sharky replied now why would i do that if i had brought you onshore but just company instead. Then the shark said “I wanted to play with you”! You could’ve just said it!
                     The end

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  1. Hi Benioni,

    Proud of your writing. There is always room for improvement. We need to read more so when it comes to writing a story you are able to use more descriptive words. Mummy's learning all these skills in university. So while at school pay close attention to your spelling and grammar. All will become easier in time.
    Remember to email your work to mummy.
    mum xo