Thursday, 22 September 2016

Olympic narrative

The day before fencing event began, Ruben D. Limardo Gascon stepped into the hot stciky Brazil airport. Playing pokemon go was a relaxing strategy he found amusing to calm his scaredness. While his pokemon go busy evolving charmannder to a charmelon, Ruben went to collect his bags, while he was gone, his friends thought it would be funny to leave him at the airport. When Ruben realised his friends were taking awhile to get there luggage, he started to panick.
He began to call each of there cell phones, without realsing his battery life was 1%, Andreas answered laughing, just when Ruben had asked where they were? His phone died! To Rubens frustration he had asked his friend Wendy to hold his charger in her carry bag. It’s Saturday 10 pm in Rio de Janera, it is hot and sticky and he’s was stranded.

Panick was not Rubens strength. Think! Think! Ruben kept saying to himself! When I see them Im going to kick there butts!! Ok, go to information booth? Wait i dont speak portugese! But i am sure someone may speak english i hope! To his surprise the lady behind the desk was helpful and friendly, but had no understand english! Ok one last try! Can i call my friend? His cell phone number I remember it! No! Was the answer payphone! Funny he thought the customer teller cant understand english, but hmmm. Feeling sad and mad he made himself comfortble on the thin shaped chair, and feeling defeated and unsure what next he closed his eyes tired!

Not far, in a cafe close to airport Andreas began to think to give up on the game, and go find Ruben. He did not need this extra stress, fencing event began in the second week. Andreas spoke to Wendy and told her about the joke. Wendy sat up and qucikly started to call the airport customer service, and began to describe Ruben to the lady. Of course the lady said yes, yes, yes and no. Now it was Rubens friends turn to panick. Wendy told them what the lady had said. Yes she has seen Ruben, and yes she has spoken to Ruben, and yes Rubens phone was dead. No, she did not know where he was right now. All jumping to there feet, quickly made there way back to the airport to rescue there dear friend.
Ruben eyes felt so heavy, I just need to get to motel and I will be ok. Feeling his stomach speaking he got up and needed to use money machine get some food. Looking around for pictures or signs of bank, the rumblng in his stomach helped him move faster. Not long Andreas and Wendy arrived and sat down next to the ssame Ruben had sake m fruestrated it has been three hours they need to find him.needed
They told him which way to go and they followed him so that he can let them in after a long period of time they finally made it and the brazillian army said Ruben d limardo gasco we tried to look for you how did you find your way here. Ruben d limardo gasco said the locals told me Ruben d limardo gasco said the army man said thank you to the locals. They asked can we come inside?  The army man said no because its only for athlets the locals wore cross at Ruben d limardo gasco he said that he would let them in to the olympic park they were so exsited to go there. but we cant because Ruben d limardo gasco lied Ruben d limardo gasco said” army soliger those locals are with me there aloud inside okay” Ruben d limardo gasco  said the soilger said im sorry “I cant let you do that but since your an athlet well let them in for one night”the soilger said. The locals cherred with exsitement horray thank you the locals said they cherred thank you Ruben d limardo gasco” they cheered when they went inside they were in shock how big it is. They saw so many things tall  buldings they each had one flag on them that ment one of the buldings that have a flag that is nz nz athlets go in that bulding . so ruben showed the difrent kind of bulldings after the night they went off home the children couldint stop talking about it. After that ruben found his friends he was so furious at them but then he huged them.

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