Friday, 23 September 2016

star wars vs star trek

                             Star wars vs star trek

Long ago in a far away galaxy the evil empire prepares for battle aginst the rebel fleet when they get a transmission from a unidentifyed ship kylo ren awensered the transmission he said who dares inturupts the mighty empire kylo ren said there was no awenser. A long period of time past kylo ren said “lets show them what we got fire” said kylo ren the ship doged it and flew away kylo ren said lets just attack the rebel fleet.

Meanwhile the rebel fleet Prepare for an attack aginst the empire the ship that attacked the empire apared at endor the ship blasted the rebels the rebels fire back then it disapered it used cloack so the rebels flee to another planet. They found they empire kylo ren said we found them blast the rebels kylo ren said the ship blasted the blast and blated both the rebels and the empire.

The empire and rebels were in shook after they blasted them both. After the blast the empire sent tie fighters so did the rebels to attack the ship the fighters blew up in an instant. After that the empire and rebels a transmisson. They said “we will destroy you all” the transmission ended the empire and rebels prepare for another blast. They fire everything they got at that ship not evan a scratch.

They were protected by a sheld they have to shut down the sheld to fire so they waited for them to fire they did take a beating but the ships  shelds were down they fired everything they had at them it was hevaly damaged one more shot it will kill them. They said you beat us but we will be back the empire shot them the ship blew up after that the rebels jumped to hyper space to escape bye empire. The emprie went way to plan something

                         The end

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